AudioRealism Bass Line 3.5.5 Build 45311 Mac + Full Crack Free

AudioRealism Bass Line 3.5.5 Build 45311 Mac + Full Crack Download

The updated version of our well-renowned 303 emulation plug-in is called AudioRealism Crack. In order to provide the most accurate emulation possible, ABL3 has undergone a thorough overhaul from scratch. We anticipate that ABL3, with its simple approach, will raise the bar for software 303 emulations. Ordinarily, a pattern can be up to 64 steps long.

AudioRealism Bass Line 3.5.5 Build 45311 Mac + Full Crack Free

ABL3 doesn’t add effects, other sonic additions, or even overdrive, unlike many TB303 imitations. A delayed vibrato that is produced when both Up and Down transpositions are set to the same step is the sole exception. The vibrato is most effective when used in conjunction with a slide, although it is largely superfluous and may be turned off entirely from the Setup page.

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Simply press Random again as many times as necessary if any don’t satisfied. Alter, a more gentle option randomly rearranges the notes that are already there. Switch to Pattern view to see the entire thing set out visually and ready for each detail to be altered if any of the created patterns are nearly perfect but still need a little work. The pitch lane can be extended to a series of sliders for enhanced visual feedback.

Regardless of how you prepare them, patterns can be exported as MIDI files and then reimported into your DAW for additional arranging and editing. The manual states that due to variances in the functioning of the sequencers and the export’s assumption that all patterns will sound the same, it’s possible that the exported patterns won’t.

Although the controls can be assigned to your preferred MIDI controller, it’s important to note that they can never match the direct and immediate response of the actual thing because they are unable to bypass your system’s latency. Be mindful that the Tune knob offers +/- one octave of transposition instead of handling like the TB303’s. With that exception, all of the knobs function as expected and should be adjusted widely to give your patterns life. When performed from a keyboard, notes with a velocity greater than 100 engage the accent, while playing legato activates the slide function.

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The low cut is also present; it effectively acts as a trim/boost for the bass, although the character depends on the VCO model used. The strangest of all the changes is likely “VCO phase reset,” which, when used, gives ABL3 a static, lifeless sound more akin to a sample than a 303. A floating 3D visual on the Setup screen refreshes with each sonic adjustment you make, however, it’s unclear exactly what this signifies.

Check out some further pages. include a Wave Analyser, which is the most bizarre of them, and a “force to scale” randomizer. This tries to create an ABL3 pattern from a recording of a real TB303 (or Xbox, etc.). Although there are instructions for configuring the source instrument to get the most precise detection, the few recordings I have were not made using the suggested configurations. As a result, I got a variety of outcomes. Despite this, it’s still worthwhile to add various audio selections as an additional method of producing random patterns. For those who are skeptics, AudioRealism offers some instances that demonstrate the technique is effective and also rather logical.

Bass Yourself:

It certainly has the appropriate appearance, and the resizable GUI may be expanded to accommodate even old hippies whose vision has deteriorated to a hazy squint. However, it doesn’t adhere rigidly to 303 expectations. Patterns are initially batched in groups of 128, one for each MIDI note that can be played. You may use the controller keyboard to play the synth in “node mode” or you can use it to trigger all those ABL3-sourced patterns. The sequencer also operates differently from the original; the most notable alterations include the absence of triplets and pattern chaining. If you want to combine patterns, you must trigger them in the proper sequence and import this data into your DAW.

You can record patterns in step entry mode from the GUI’s Classic View by stepping through and clicking on the note, accent, slide, and transposition as you go, or by utilizing MIDI input. In any case, it’s much more user-friendly than the outdated Roland technique! The four Shift buttons allow for quick adjustments; they move the entire pattern left or right or up or down in semitones. There is a random button that is a great way to create TB303 patterns instantly and sound just like the real thing. I highly advise hitting Random after playing each key on your master keyboard, then starting ABL3 in motion so you can audition all the patterns you just created.


All of this would be completely irrelevant if ABL3’s audio quality was subpar. I’m happy to say that it is completely compelling rather than just credible. When processed externally, ABL3 squelches and wobbles like a perfectly captured bassline, waiting for you to tinker with. The rich, buzzy saw and very weird square wave that we have heard innumerable times over the years are both delivered by it. These are put through a thick, powerful filter with a resonance that is nearly liquid at its highest point. Accented notes are impressively lifelike, and ABL3 has a convincing growing reaction to more accents. To recognize this as a software impostor in a mix would require ears that are more perceptive than mine.

Furthermore, it’s wonderful to see some user customization featured on the Setup page because each TB303 has a somewhat unique sound. Here, you have a choice of three VCO modes, each with various levels of grit, dirt, and bottom end. You can change the maximum resonance level for each, choose to include the simulated VCA click and noise (for extra punch), and even shorten the VCA’s release time so that it behaves differently from what is expected.

ABLV3.5.5 (Mac) Feature:

  • Resizable graphical user interface
  • You can also do a pattern edit view
  • Give you a perfect randomizer
  • ​technoBox2 Pattern Import
  • It provides you with a classic edit view.

AudioRealism Bass Line 3.5.5 Build 45311 Mac + Full Crack Free


  • One of the better software TB303 emulators at a keen price.
  • The sequencer is more fun than the original.


  • The sequencer doesn’t cover all the tricks (or idiosyncrasies) of the original.

Software Information:

  • ABL3
  • Audiorealism
  • 3.1.1
  • 64-bit (VST / AU)
  • Mac OSx 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14
  • Instructions: Attached


Replacing the Roland TB303 isn’t exactly a novel concept. Even Roland themselves have done it numerous times in hardware and software, but that doesn’t mean the pursuit of perfection is over. The initial attempt by AudioRealism was ABL1, and in 2007 it moved closer to ABL2. However, they were still unsatisfied, therefore a complete rewrite was required, leading to the creation of ABL3 in the VST and AU formats..

This is a simple one to summarise: ABL3 is highly suggested if you’re still looking for an economical, credible, and simple-to-use source of TB303 patterns. It smoothly performs a wide range of sounds, including sliding, gut-wrenching hollow squares, punchy, rotting sawtooth basses, and high-resonance squelches. You will need to handle the processing yourself if you enjoy your TB303 tones overdriven, but that’s half of the fun anyhow.

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