Tone2 Icarus Crack for Windows Version Free Download

Tone2 Icarus Crack for Windows Version Free Download

Tone2 Icarus Crack for Windows Version Free Download

Tone2 Icarus Crack has an intuitive user interface, over 1000 factory sounds produced by skilled designers, and “a new distinctive sound, which rapidly draws the audiences’ interest.” All conventional synthesis techniques, 3D wavetables, morphing, and sample resynthesis are all capabilities of this synthesizer. A vocoder, an arpeggiator, dual stereo filters with 62 filter types and distortion, 53 effects, 310 stereo oscillators with hyper saw, a wavetable editor, and more are included.

Since Tone2 added a third dimension for morphing to the well-liked classical wavetable synthesis, which permits cross-blending waveforms, Icarus Torrent is referred to as a “3D wavetable synth.” Icarus can produce unique sounds while expressing himself in a very dynamic manner. With other synthesizers, the majority of these sounds are challenging or impossible to make.

Main Features:

  • Sounds
    Gladiator ships with an inspiring library of over 1200 outstanding presets from professional sound designers. Various expansions are available to extend Gladiator’s features and preset library. All sounds are arranged into categories for quick and easy access to the sound you need.
  •  Filters
    The filter section comes with top-quality stereo filters. Many of them are exclusive to Tone2 products. Gladiator ships with 40 different filter types: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Vocals, Comb, EQ, FM, AM, Phaser, Re-sample, Analog, …
  •  Effects
    Gladiator comes with an impressive selection of stereo effects. 37 different units are included, all carefully crafted to offer the highest quality possible, such as Reverbs, Delays, Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Ensemble, Rotary, Bitcrusher, Talkbox, Ringmod, Dolby Prologic II surround encoding, Waveshaper, Pingpong, Filters and so on.
  •  Modulation
    Gladiator has a powerful, user-friendly, and flexible modulation section. Four fast envelopes add punch to your sounds. There are 22 different LFOs available, which can be synced to your track’s BPM rate. The Step LFO’s design was inspired by step sequencers and can be used to create rhythmic sequences and trance gates.
  •  Psychoacoustic processing
    A special post-processing module in Gladiator mimics the workings of the human ear. It creates deeper basses and adds transparency.
    The innovative phase modifier in the oscillator section is based on the latest discoveries in phonetic science. It makes a digital waveform sound warm, silky, or punchy. Gladiator offers several micro-tuning modes, which make chords sound more harmonic, fat, and transparent

What’s New?

  • Patch Browser – Discover over 1000 production-ready sounds with Icarus’ comfortable patch browser.
  • Arpeggiator – The powerful arpeggiator instantly creates inspiring and wonderful melodies.
  • This makes it easy for you to add exciting movement to your tracks.
  • Interface – A customizable interface allows you to select your favorite color.
  • With several instances of Icarus loaded simultaneously, it’s even possible to show single instances in different colors. This helps you to keep the orientation when you’re working on a complex project with many tracks.
  • Vocoder – With the built-in vocoder module you can easily create your phrases and make yourself sound like a robot. It has never been so easy to create professional tracks with vocalic sounds!

Tone2 Icarus 2 Crack for Windows Version Free Download


  • Icarus2 Free is a powerful synthesizer workstation.
  • Icarus2 is also the most advanced wavetable synthesizer on the market, but not limited to wavetable synthesis.
  • The audio engine can do 54 different synthesis modes and can produce all-important synthesizer sounds.
  • The 3D-wavetable synthesis allows a new dimension of dynamic expression.
  • High-end sound quality with low CPU requirement.
  • Easy-to-use interface with animated displays and context-sensitive help.
  • Huge sonic range.
  • Over 1600 presets by professional designers.
  • GUI with 12 sizes, 3 zoom levels, and 26 color schemes.
  • Drag & drop modulation.
  • Drum sequencer with 100 drum patterns.
  • Powerful arpeggiator with auto chord support, shuffle, and swing.
  • 3 x 53 effects, vocoder.
  • Glitch-sequencer.
  • 10x stereo hyper saw unison, stacks, chords.
  • Polyphonic, monophonic, and several legato modes.
  • The most powerful filter section is available on the market: Dual multi-mode filters with 62 filter types and 8 distortion types.
  • Customizable user-interface.
  • Expandability, modular.

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